Monday, April 14, 2014

I wear my Hufflepuff on my sleeve

I love fashion. It's been a passion of mine since I was a little girl - fact: outside of my absolute dream of being a wife, mother and an artist (of which I have so very happily accomplished), I had a long list of dream jobs. Scientist. Race car driver. Archaeologist. Fashion designer.

Ever since I found Polyvore years ago, I've had so much fun putting together outfits. 

When I saw that Sara put together a post on Hogwarts House based outfits (make sure you click over and see her outfits - Ravenclaw and Slytherin are my favorites!), I decided that I'd put together one of my own - but with a twist. 

Instead of an outfit that represents Hufflepuff, I put together one that represents me as a Hufflepuff - because I am!

Nearly every quiz that I've taken over the years has sorted me into the House of the Badger, and I am proud of that! Hufflepuff men and women are bad ass

So, without further ado, here's what this Hufflepuff would wear on a regular day when feeling a spark of House pride:

I love wearing my hair in a messy bun (when it's long enough). I think a messy bun with some foundation and powder, (Julep) black mascara and a punchy (e.l.f.) Crimson Crush lip would be a fun look, adding to the cheerfulness of the Hufflepuff colors. (Oh and of course: (OPI) Need Sunglasses? polish is a must!)

I am a shirt / blouse and jeans kind of girl and I also have a hoodie obsession. This (H&M) white and black striped tank and (Converse One Star) Gabrielle black hoodie go together so well with those (Victoria Beckham) bright yellow jeans.

Finishing this look is a Badger brooch (all proud Hufflepuffs should show off their mascot!) and a pair of bad ass (Rock & Candy) black boots with flannel inside, which sounds so comfy!

Do you like my Hufflepuff outfit? 
What is your Hogwarts House?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Daily Jewelry

This is a rather small post, however it's one that I've wanted to share: My Daily Jewelry! I love jewelry. I think that one piece can change an entire outfit, and they are such treasures.

First, my ruby heart ring which Jen bought for me for Valentine's Day! I love rubies, they're my birthstone. Second, my engagement and wedding ring. I couldn't imagine any other wedding ring, so I told Jen that I wanted to keep my engagement ring as my wedding ring! It's white gold with three tanzanite gems, which are quite rare and represent our past, present and future together, they are surrounded by diamonds. I lost one tanzanite gem and Jen has been planning on it replaced for a while now, but... I've been so nervous to send in my ring as I don't want someone to accidentally lose it (via mail, for instance.)

My bracelet is from Amy and was custom made, helping balance my emotions. Being bipolar, I have a very hard time staying balanced. This is such a beautiful and helpful piece of jewelry, and I especially love the way the moonstones catch the light.

Finally, my Mjölnir necklace! Thor has a protective big brother feeling to me, and since I've been working on honoring him and have wanted a Mjölnir necklace, Jen bought me one - and yes, rubies! I love them so much. 

So, that is My Daily Jewelry! I also wear my pentacle quite often, as well as beautiful jewelry made for me from friends and jewelry that I have bought myself or that Jen has bought for me. I hope you've enjoyed learning a bit more about me!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekly Love List

It's my first Weekly Love List since I restarted Lariats and Lavender, so I have a lot of lovelies for you this Friday! I hope you enjoy them!

enderman hoodie

For some reason, I love the endermen in Minecraft. They're a bit like Slender Man... except not as scary. However! If you provoke them (for example: stare at them or worse: attack them), they WILL get pissed off. They also emit a ... creepy sound and can teleport (INCLUDING INTO YOUR HOME). That being said, I have grown fond of them. Especially those that visit our Minecraft home often (I named them Squishy 1 and Squishy 2.) Anyway, this enderman hoodie from JINX (JINX = amazing geeky products) is on my wishlist - and I am already planning an enderman Halloween costume, eeee!

Minecraft Diamond Necklace

Also from JINX, this Minecraft diamond necklace is also on my wishlist. It's such a brilliant idea, as diamond mining is such a huge part of the game and something that Jen and I love to do!

House Lannister
Yup, I would definitely be a Lannister! This ceramic stein from ThinkGeek is perfect for drinking lots and lots of ale. (If you've no idea what "a Lannister" is, watch Game of Thrones. It's amazing.)


TAURIEL SO BAD ASS! I both have a crush on her and simply admire her. I love her knives and bow skills - and the fact that she can murder her enemies without giving a fuck... Yes. Bad ass. Oh, and, she goes after what her heart wants. Photo Source!

I plan on eventually writing a post about bad ass woman both real and fictional, so watch for that!

I want these birthday cake pancakes, and these scrambled egg fajitas and these pancake tacos... Oh, and I'll take them all at the same time.

Sigyn. I wrote about her here. I feel more and more admiration and respect for her, and I honor her as much as I can, even if it's a thought or a few simple words.

The NornirUrðr (often called Wyrd), who represents the past, Verðandi (often called Verdandi or Verthandi), who represents the present and Skuld, who represents the future. These are the Nornir who are the most well known, twining the thread of fate, guiding our destinies.

I am hoodie obsessed and when I saw this hoodie, I squee'd and showed Jen! She's planning on getting me this one, or one similar if I do find another that I like. It's the perfect amount of cushy and the fabric, oh the fabric is so soft looking. 

This soap sounds amazing. Beer, Dragon's blood and Fig

♥ Life Lovelies ♥

Jen bought me my first Mjölnir necklace - love

She also surprised me with my very own red fox hood! As I said on Instagram:
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! JEN BOUGHT ME A FOX HOOD!!! THE PAW GLOVES ARE PART OF IT. I have wanted one for SO LONG and she surprised me! It's a red fox hood, one of my favorite animals and a spirit animal of mine! I tried to pull a fox face in this picture... I plan on a mischievous grin next time!!! Eeee!!!"
I'll be taking a better picture with my actual camera - but I couldn't help myself to a quick Instagram pic!

We also have been watching lots of Vikings, watched the season premier of Game of Thrones, and have re-started watching Fruits Basket on Hulu! We're sleeping in our tent again soon and I cannot wait. Finally, ice cream and Nutella. I'm excited. 

I hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend! Do you have anything planned for the weekend? Outside of relaxing in our tent and enjoying being outside, I plan on working on my new and improved About page, and hopefully drawing. I've been feeling creative!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Game I Love: Worms Reloaded

Jen surprised me with Worms Reloaded: Game of the Year Edition on Steam and it is such a great game! We're both very competitive, however we never take our versus game play too seriously. Make bets from time to time? Yes! Get angry? No! So when Worms Reloaded mixes competition with colorful and cartoonish graphics, a lot of maps, bad ass weaponry and gadgets, and our own team of worms, we get hours of entertainment. If fact, we've been playing almost every night!

I named my team Garden is Going Down and my wormies are named: Pinkzie, Squishy, Leaf-Eater and GiGi Garden Destroyer (her name is my favorite.) Oh and they speak Norwegian!

As I mentioned above, there is a lot of weaponry (and I love weaponry.) Some of my favorites include: the bazooka, petrol bomb, the concrete donkey and the sheep. Jen prefers dynamite, the homing missile and the sheep.

You adjust your firing range (or run up to your targeted worm) and hope you hit your targeted worm. 

If you're not into multiplayer or don't know anyone else with the game, there is a single player mode with bot wormies. 

If you try Worms Reloaded, I hope you have fun and enjoy the challenge!  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Goddess Sigyn

Sigyn: victorious girl-friend, wife of Loki and mother of Narvi and Vali
- drawing of Sigyn by me

Sigyn. When I started reading about Sigyn, I smiled. I know that her situation is, was or will be a serious one (of course more so for Loki and their children, Narvi and Vali) however Sigyn is such a powerful, loving and loyal wife. I am also a powerful, loving and loyal wife and so is my own wife, Jen. I understand Sigyn's unconditional love. She spends every minute with Loki, holding that bowl that catches the venom that would otherwise cause him immense pain. I see Sigyn making Loki laugh during this painful time, laughter - something so important in Loki's life.
If what we’ve learned is true, if Sigyn is, was or will be holding that bowl… She’s an amazing example of a wife, of a lover, of a partner, of a friend. She is filled with an undeniable strength. She teaches others what one does for love. 
For some reason, when people need advice, they come to me. I’ve only been in one relationship, and that is with Jen. We started dating when we were young teenagers, and married each other almost seven years ago. I don’t have experience in breaking up, however people still ask me for advice. So this is what I ask them…
"Can you imagine your life without this person? If yes, maybe you should consider leaving if you feel like that is best. If you can’t, and if they can’t imagine life without you, try everything you can to make the relationship work."
I can’t imagine my life without Jen, she is my Universe, my world, my everything; she is my best friend, my wife, my soul mate and my lover. I will sit by her side forever, and she will sit by mine.
I know that I can be challenging. I have bipolar disorder, severe OCD and anxiety, and no matter what, she is there for me and I am there for her. 
Sigyn does what she does because of love. She is strong, and she is selfless, and she is protective and she is loving and I am sure loved in return. This is how I see her.
I feel like Sigyn is so much more than she who holds the bowl and that should be focused on and respected as well.
Sigyn, a Goddess that I admire. Sigyn, a Goddess of unconditional love for her family. Sigyn, she who saw her children suffering - including one being forced to murder the other, and her husband being bound. 
Sigyn, warm towards and protective of those who worship her, even if you simply leave her an offering. I can't speak for everyone, however this is how Sigyn's came to me. 
I plan on setting up a little space for her, in worship of her. I will include Loki and their children of course (I should mention that Loki is a God that I've been working on connecting with more, as well.) I'll print my drawing of her and a prayer that I found that is so... Sigyn, a (most likely) pink candle representing love and something that represents strength, maybe a runestone reading "strong", and whatever else I feel like including. 
*If you see "I see", "I feel" and or "In my opinion" I may be sharing my Unverified Personal Gnosis abbreviated as UPG. Most information, however, like her marriage and motherhood, various traits, etc. are from Wikipedia and a plethora of other informational articles. 
If you're interested in connecting with (and or learning more about) Sigyn, I recommend starting with: 
1. Connecting with her, instead of reading anything. Even if you feel like you're being ridiculous, or thinking that what you feel, hear, see, etc. is your imagination, be open. Having OCD, I started off thinking "this isn't really a Goddess / God connecting with me", however now? Now I feel Sigyn (and Hel, and others) much more.
2. Wikipedia, which isn't 100% accurate from what I've heard, but has enough information to get you started.
3. Grumpy Lokean Elder on Tumblr. Here are his Sigyn posts, and if you're interested in other deities of the Norse pantheon, I recommend going through his posts and reading... everything.
4. Sigyn's Shrine on Northern Paganism. 
Sigyn, thank you for your warmth, your protection and your love for your family and others.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hello April and a Fresh Start

April, a fresh month and a fresh start.

During the beginning of April, I decided that I wanted a break from blogging, as I was spending less time doing so and was happier because of that. During my break, I realized that I still wanted Lariats and Lavender and so with a new design and a clean slate, I am starting fresh! When something isn't working for you, decide on what you do want, what you do need (in a blog, in a job, etc.) and start going in that direction. Be like The Fool when starting a new adventure, with a bag of your must-haves and knowing that everything is possible!

If you're visiting for the first time, I'm...

Angie, a 24-year-old woman living under the cotton candy Western skies in Utah with my gorgeous best friend, wife and soul mate Jen! Jen and I have been together for 10 years and are going on being married for 7 of them. We have two kitties named Wedge and Mau, three birds named Jango, Leia and Bastila and two hermit crabs named Jabba and Hermie. They're our babies!

I am a gamer, geek, artist, blogger and Pagan. I have many interests, hobbies and beliefs and Lariats and Lavender is where I will share them, as this is "a place for everything that I love."

Thank you so much for reading, and here's to a fresh month (Hello April) and a fresh start!